Forum Title: Stuck older aluminum, double hung, double paned window with tilt out feature
We are selling home with original aluminum windows--about 27 yrs old.They are double hung, double pane, with tilt-in feature on bottom window. The house has been rented out for past 4 yrs. We have contract and the buyer's inspector said that 3 windows would not open: two in dining room and 1 in corner bedroom. There are 3 windows in dining room--we got all three to open but two were difficult. We have two guest bedrooms--in 1 the window opened fairly easily. In the other the window would not open for us. The latch system for these windows is not on the top of the bottom window. It is on the bottom sill of the bottom window... There are two pieces under the bottom sill that slide left/right...when they are more to center they are locked...move them more to the outside and squeeze them up to the bottom sill, then raise the window... The bottom window has to be fully engaged for the latches to release when squeezed---so it is not an easy system... We worked for 5 min or more tonight trying to get the one bedroom window to open without any luck...had to go to Halloween party...will go back tomorrow. Any suggestions for how to tell if this is just us not getting the latch in the right place to make it work or if the latch could have broken? This window faces the front of the house---we certainly don't want to replace it because it would through off the look of the house...and not sure if I can find a company in my area (FT Worth TX) to fix it... Any recommendations for companies to check this out for remediation? Appreciate any suggestions for how to check it ourselves...
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LOUISE HUGHES (Springfield, IL), 01/03/2019

First of all, I prefer aluminum siding to vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is too flammable, for me. I know about 2 cases, one where a BBQ tank blew & another caused by a spark from a drive type mower. I worker with a carpenter who would peel back the siding, install whatever headers that were needed & reinstall the J channel.

- NICHOLAS COOPER (McAllen, TX), 03/06/2019

I thought about that after I finished that post--that maybe I had reversed the latch positions for open/locked... regarding YOUR windows--have you had similar problem? Is it possible to have a latch break and become inoperable? My son rented this house from us for the last 4 yrs and he said he never opened that window---that it might have been stuck even then I am afraid that we are going to break the glass trying to get it to open...

- MYRTLE ROBBINS (Eau Claire, WI), 03/03/2019

I haven't had an opening problem, but the locks are persnickety and sometimes difficult to slide to the completely unlocked position. Not sure about yours, but the lock latches also are the window lift latches and must be lifted to release the catch. It's the only place to lift them from, as there is no normal lip running across the bottom.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Sioux City, IA), 02/18/2019

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