Forum Title: Metal Bi-Fold doors with new carpet
Any help or advice would be great. We have four sets of metal bi-fold doors on the closets in our bedroom. We had new carpets installed and now there is no room for the doors to slide closed without rubbing on the carpet. The prior carpeting had no padding, we added it without considering the closet doors. There's not even enough room for an adjustment. It's tight, the doors rub on the carpet badly and my wife can't easily open/close them since they're metal and pretty heavy. It will cost a lot more to replace the doors than to reframe the existing doors but then again, maybe it would be easier to install new wood bi-fold doors than reframe the existing metal doors. The moulding is something put in place by the old owners, it's pre-painted blue and no longer available anywhere so I'd have to match the paint and replace all the moulding around the doors too. Would you replace the doors with new wooden bi-fold doors or just reframe the existing doors? Which is easier and is it even worth the cost to replace them? The doors were about $86.00 (x 4) when I priced them.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Patrick J. Mosner (Rapid City, SD), 01/25/2019

All you need to do is change the latch piece on your hardware. Did you see if maybe that's available.

- ERIK WOLFE (Sacramento, CA), 02/06/2019

They're top mounted to a wood frame. I'll post some pics tonight when I get home.

- PEARL SCHWARTZ (Ocala, FL), 02/25/2019

I'd probably go with wooden bifold doors, since you can cut the height down to any size you need. Also, if you're tired of the bifolds you could switch to bypass, or if you have the room and wanted to, you could install hinges and ball catches so that they pull open.

- LISA MARTINEZ (Iowa City, IA), 02/17/2019

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