Forum Title: How to repair chipped window frame??
Please see the attached image. I have no idea how to repair my window frame. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on the subject (I'm a stay at home mom trying to repair a few things in my home). I would appreciate if anyone could explain what supplies I will need and how to repair this. My toddler chipped off the paint. It looks like there is plaster underneath the paint that has also been removed and a textured metal or aluminum is now exposed. Thanks in advance! =0)
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Des Plaines, IL), 01/06/2019

I have Marvin's in my house and my parents replaced all the windows in their house with Marvin as well and we're all happy. Renewal by Andersen gets a lot of positive feedback as well - one of my coworkers went with them because they handle everything, you don't go one place to get the windows and another to get the installer.

- MARGIE RAMSEY (Laguna Niguel, CA), 02/16/2019

If you can cut, or get someone to cut a piece of 1/4 or 3/8 plywood and glue it down over that entire sill, you will be better off. That joint compound is not very durable and not at all waterproof. You could sand the front edge smooth and rounded over and paint.

- BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 02/07/2019

Thank you Gunguy and Toolmon! I'm going to try Gunguy's way. Not sure I can handle doing the wood suggestion; I have multiple windows to fix and I'm not very handy. Gunguy ~ You said wet the exposed edge...slightly so, before applying joint compound I am supposed to wet any area it's applied to? Does joint compound work similar to spackle (I've used spackle before, but not joint compound)? Do I apply silicone caulk where the edge meets the window after the compound dries and before I paint? What sandpaper grit would I use? Sorry for all the questions! I appreciate your help. The damage that you see on the trim in the photo is just chipped paint and a little bit of marker. Ha! It looks horrible... I can't wait to fix this. =)

- BILLIE DENNIS (Clarksville, TN), 02/26/2019

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