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Hi, I have a door (a piece of plywood with some hinges) in my porch that goes down into the basement and flush with the floor, currently you lift it up and it rests on the wall behind it. This is awkward and when I install wood floors it will become even more so. Rather than opening on the short side I want it to open on the long side with 2 or 3 hinges that will keep the door open without having to rest it on something. This is pretty similar to what i'd want as it would allow me to hide hardware/hinges and keep the door as unobtrusive as possible. What kind of hardware is this? A hydraulic arm? Seems like a little arm for what looks to be a fairly heavy door? Thanks for your help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KELLY PAGE (El Cajon, CA), 01/04/2019

If the existing door is plumb, then your j-channel should be plumb. If your existing door (with trim) is the same height and width as the new door, then it should be easy. Double check that before you start. (size such as 40 x 83 1/4 when measuring from j-channel to j-channel. The only hitch might be if someone screwed the j-channel to the brickmould with small screws. That's done occasionally so just run a putty knife around the perimeter to make sure no one did that. I don't see why you'd need to take the j-channel off, unless maybe someone caulked the heck out of it and it needs to be replaced if if looks bad.

- BYRON DANIEL (Yucaipa, CA), 03/01/2019

I'm sure you realize the gas strut is only to hold the door in the open position. It doesn't take the place of the hinges.

- MARY SMITH (Deltona, FL), 02/23/2019

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