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Just purchased a mobile home with a 3 season room attached, thought it was great til I touched the window, seems to be plastic instead of glass. If anyone has any information on this, please respond. How to clean, etc. will little fingers poke holes? any info will be appreciated.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: RUBY MORALES (Fort Smith, AR), 01/13/2019

Do a search online for fire rated door. Many/most door companies produce fire rated models and are available with different fire ratings. Depending on how they (fire rated doors) are required by code in your area will probably drive if they are stocked by your local building suppliers. In my area they are not required by code (or not enforced) for residential construction so the big box home centers do not stock them and they must be special ordered. Oh, a fire door is just a door that is designed or has been tested to resist fire for a certain period of time. I've seen fiberglass doors rated as low as 20 minutes and steel ones of 90 minutes. Basically the higher the number the longer is can resist being burned through by a fire.

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Cleveland, OH), 02/28/2019

windows are soft

- GEORGIA WOLFE (Fort Smith, AR), 02/20/2019

I have a customer who has these on their 3 season room. They are transplants from Florida and thought the cute plastic film windows would work in our climate. Well it is a one season room basically. Theirs are full light, about 3-0 wide and have 3 sections so they can be configured to open from the bottom, top or middle. They clean theirs with soapy water and a soft cloth (diaper).....that is until I replace all of them and make it into a true 4 season room Oh, Brant, they are about the thickness of a single pane of glass, but mushy to the feel. I don't think a kid can poke a finger through it, but a nice sharp play shovel may not be happy. They are about 3-0 x 3-0 per pane, so they span a good bit of space per pane.

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Delray Beach, FL), 02/15/2019

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